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Garage Door Not Opening

What to do if your garage door is not opening ? While purchasing a home or a property your first priority must be a garage because it provides a safe environment for your car and can be used as a good storage place. But garage doors not opening on time can be your worst nightmare.

Here is a guide about what you should do if your garage door is not opening.

Know the problem:

Start with checking what the actual problem with your door is. Why is it not opening? Once you know the core problem. You can start working on it.

Check if your gate is unlocked:

Sometimes you lock your garage door for security purposes and then forget about it. So if your garage gate is not opening you must check if it’s unlocked.

Try opening your door manually:

Disconnect it from the power supply and opener and try to open your door manually. If your garage door is opening easily after disconnecting with the opener there might be some problem in the opener. 

Check remote battery:

If your door opener is working properly there might be a problem in the remote. Try to check its battery. Replace the batteries if needed.

Check the track and door alignment:

If there is any dirt or object on tracks which might be interrupting smooth opening of the gate. Don’t forget to check if the gate is aligned properly.

Check garage door spring and cables:

If your garage door is not opening there might be a chance that your door springs or cables are broken. Check your cables and replace them if needed.

You should check the problem of the garage door not opening and then work for its solution. You might need professional help if you’re not able to repair it on your own.